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  1. Thanks a lot for d detailed reply. I genuinely did all I could to identify the driver, I was not aware he was the one that drove.
  2. Thank you Man in the middle. He is a friend's friend. I met him through a friend. He's not on my insurance, but he drives a car, which I believe is his.
  3. Hello I received Notice to owner for Excess speed;, 59 on 50 local traffic. I was not the driver, I was shielding during the 1st corona virus lockdown in May 2020. I needed support on shopping for essential, food, medication etc and people helped, sometimes using my car because I was advised to stay at home as per NHS guidelines. I promptly responded , confirming that I was NOT the driver, completed the driver's name, address and returned. About 5 weeks later, I received another Notice to review the details I sent previously, I confirmed again
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