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  1. Hi The cheque is compensation from M&S Bank. They failed to meet 'standard we would expect from Collections and /or Recovery Team' Moorcroft will be receiving my introductory letter CCA request .....:) Many Thanks
  2. Hello, Many Thanks for looking at this Dx + Andy. Today we have an introductory letter from DCA as expected. Also a letter from Bank with attached cheque to compensate for service received from Collections team? Should i wish to make a complaint call them or write? Very bizarre......
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply. Bank is M&S DCA is Moorcroft Notice of assignment? Debt sold unsure. Phrase is ‘take responsibility’ This is the gist of letter from Bank: “We want to let you know we have now asked Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd to take responsibility for your account. Moorcroft will contact you in due course about the outstanding balance on your account. They will only use your information in accordance with our instructions and UK Data Pri
  4. Hi Apologies took me some time to find paperwork. Default letter date December 2013 The last payment was in December 2016 (£30) Expect statute barred no use here. As payment in December 2016 reactivates the clock? Many Thanks
  5. Hi Thanks for taking a look. The default date from old Experian credit file was 11/02/14 Will have to dig out paperwork but could be voluntary payment around 2016? Will check this. Many Thanks
  6. Apologies its the bank loan not the cards. Had a letter yesterday from Bank. Passing account to DCA and awaiting contact. Last contact must be 2016/2017? by phone. In fact all contact has been phone. That said bank agreed would contact again in 3 months to assess situation again. But never did. However no contact until this current letter. The account had a default notice 7 Years ago in 2013. Although no CCJ and now wiped from credit file Experian. Would this debt be statute – barred?
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