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  1. Hello, At the moment I am still waiting for them to get back to me for the claim form. They told me over the phone that they won't be able to provide compensation however, they still haven't replied to the claim form that was sent to me. I am glad to hear that I can at least try to claim a full compensation in case they don't accept on first attempt. Thank you
  2. Hello, I sent a parcel for a return via Hermes on the 11th of jan and the value was £188. I only paid extra for signature required when they deliver it to the address. I called them on the 26th to find out where my parcel is and after waiting for over 40 mins they opened their phone and said that it has been stolen from the van with some other packages on the 15th of jan. They did not try to contact me at all to notify me of this. They sent me a claim form however they said that because I didn't pay for insurance I only get £20 plus delivery fee. I saw a
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