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  1. I will get my paperwork out today and find out more on this ccj... As I stated my husband and I were both unaware of this ccj until we saw it on our credit file last year and was shocked as we had no paperwork, it's not as if we moved address. I have all the original paperwork from welcome thank god.
  2. Right OK.. So there is nothing I can do about the extra charges, the high interest etc... As I stated, end of year we might in a position to offer to pay what originally we borrowed but no way are we going to pay £18000
  3. Thanks for your reply. We didn't even know they issued us with a ccj until I today got a credit report and it comes up, we had no paperwork warning us. I don't know when the ccj was issued just now on my credit report says it gets removed oct 2020. Mortimore Clark are welcome finance solicitor as far as I am aware... Nothing to do with the ccj. I know the ccj has been added to our property as end of this year we will be in position to pay of mortgage and its £18000 more then what we owe and mortgage company said its a charge for a loan so in theory we may pay it twice if I am paying solicitors (well in small amounts)
  4. We applied for a joint loan for £9000 in 2010 which was secured against our home, in 2012 we were declared bankrupt but because we kept our house the loan stood while we were going through our financial problems we defaulted on the loan. We had then started making payments but with all the interest etc it went past the £9000 we originally borrowed. We got the loan down to £6000 then hubby lost job and we seriously couldn't even afford to pay a penny and again it built back up. The debt is now with a solicitor and now we owe according to them £18000. I have requested from welcome finance every payment we have made, every statement etc they have refused. We are only making payments of £65 a month going to take forever but its also gone to a ccj which should have been removed on Oct last year. Where can I go for help with the dispute over the amount we owe. Thanks Solicitor is mortimore Clarke
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