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  1. Hi Hammy1962, You make a fair point. Yes, I made a mistake. I fully accept that. As noted, this was an honest mistake - the DD was coming out of a joint account and I (mistakenly) assumed this was set up by my wife. What concerns me - and I want to flag to others - is that when I was sold this policy it was not made clear that there is no obligation for D&G to get approval to continue this each year, no need for me to approve any increase to the premium they deduct (which has tripled over the period) or for them to change the policy. I was in effect
  2. Hi, I share this to help others avoid a very expensive mistake and to ask if anyone has any advice on how I might resolve a painful issue relating to D&G's practices and if/how consumers have any recourse if suppliers take Direct Debit (DD) payments for services they are not providing? In 2008 I bought a new Washer Dryer. Shortly afterwards received a phone call from D&G asking if I wanted to take up an insurance policy (Appliance Care) should there be a problem. To my deep regret I agreed to this and set up a direct debit, all of this done by phone.
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