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  1. CCA request sent so we'll see what they say. Thanks dx
  2. That's the one. Nothing on there for BC so maybe I didn't cca them
  3. Thanks dx This is the only one which is paid by standing order from an old account I use for a few bills so forgot all about it. I don't think BC ever did default it but know that know link can't add the default now after all these years. I would have cca'd BC along with all the others in 2003 so they must have sent something. I've just checked with my bank and they haven't refunded me so must have been passing it on.....which is a shame. I'll cca link. Can you still tape a pound coin on to the letter or does it need to be a postal order?
  4. Not been in here for years as thought I'd sorted everything. Took out a Barclaycard in the 90's, went into a dmp in 2003. I would have cca'd BC at that time but can't remember if they sent anything enforceable back. I have been paying a small amount to BC every month ever since. Moved house in 2010. Happened to be passed a letter from link asset sent to my old address, first one I've seen. Saying they have been assigned it in 2015 and the full balance is now due as I haven't made minimum payments. If I don't they they start court proceedings and
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