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  1. Curry's are the worst company for customer service and unfortunately you have learnt this the hard way. They have offered you a refund so you should take it and run. Never order from them again.
  2. Thank you. My situation is different in that I haven’t been scammed. It’s a reputable retailer I purchased from. It’s just frustrating that I’m having to wait to get my money back.
  3. Where would be the best place to start?
  4. Yes, I suppose you’re right. I’ll keep it general whilst still answering the questions. The retailer is a precious metals dealer based in London. The item I purchased was Gold. It was shipped within London.
  5. This is what I suspected. One thing I should say is that I paid via Bitcoin. With this in mind and the fact that I have waited a total of around 10 days now from the expected delivery date. What should be my next course of action here? Should I wait further or contact the retailer asking for a refund / replacement of items I purchased.
  6. I’ve omitted these details for now as the investigation is ongoing. I was seeking more general advice as to if an item purchased online is not received, am I as a customer required to wait for the courier to pay up a claim or is that purely the retailers issue? Meaning the retailer should refund me or send me the items I ordered regardless.
  7. I purchased an item costing approximately £3000 from an online retailer. The item was sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery. The item never arrived. Tracking shows as delivered with a signature and printed name which is not mine. I informed the retailer and they in turn informed Royal Mail who started an investigation. After the investigation Royal Mail said the item was delivered to a house number opposite me and that I should check with them. I checked and nothing had been received by that neighbour. After this the retailer initiated a claim with Royal Mail. It has been 5 days since then and I have not heard back from the retailer. My question is: Legally, do I really need to wait for the Royal Mail claim? As far as I see it I have a contract with the retailer. I have paid them money and they have agreed to provide me with goods. I have paid my money but not received the goods. The Royal Mail aspect is nothing to do with me and not my problem. Am I correct in this thinking? If so, what should I do?
  8. Hello to all on this wonderful forum! I have just joined and hope to be able to share my experiances and knowledge with you all whilst also benefitting from others.
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