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  1. Thanks for your advice. They didn't really reduce her bill when putting her on the rolling contract. She's emailed BT to complain as well about £800 fee. She will have to check where she stands with her mobile contract given she is still paying each month as she still needs to have a mobile phone for emergencies. A lesson on how careful you have to be when changing providers
  2. Hi she did say she was cancelling and returned the equipment. It looks like they put her on a rolling contract for 24 months when she phoned before trying to reduce her payments as they kept going up. I know Sky haven't done that to me. She didn't see that email as she's had lots of stressful situations. No letter in post or when she originally phoned about reducing her bill well over £100 they didn't tell her about this contract. Like you say there should be recordings. BT mobile contract is separate to broadband and the cancellation fee is for the broadband. They have blocked her mobile so she can't use it and that is a contract. She is phoning CAB in the morning and checking through her paperwork. I'm quite happy with Sky as they tell you upfront what is happening and have never rolled over my contract. Thanks for taking time to reply it is much appreciated.
  3. My sister phoned to mention to BT about cancelling her broadband and they never mentioned £800 fee. Her bills kept going up which she was struggling to afford. Earlier they reduced her payments taking Sky Sports off but failed to mention a new contract had started. All sounds very strange. Apparently she was in a 24 month contract she didn't realise. My mom had been ill and my sister was having a stressful time. She went to Sky as it was far cheaper. She has a contract with BT mobile and phoned up as it wasn't working then came the shock she owed them £800 and they have barred her mobile. Shocking service and I can't speak to them on her behalf. Who has £800.to tussle up? Obviously she is really stressed over this and don't think she will sleep tonight. Thanks BT great service Not
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