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  1. So in a way, it isn't as bad as actually having a default? Because if, as you say, it won't affect my score anymore as its already six months late, but also a default would be worse in the sense other lenders wouldn't look kindly to it, and it won't knock as much points off my credit file.
  2. They owner on my credit file is Alpha Credit Solutions. Before them it was Secure Trust Bank.
  3. @dx100uk They haven't marked the account as in default. I have been six months behind payments since November 2018, but they still haven't marked it as in default.
  4. I haven't made any payments since 2018, so I don't know why they have entered me into an AP @Dx100Uk - They have made about 26 Six months late payments markers on my file, from November up to Last month, and every month- totalling 26
  5. Hi, I have just checked my Equifax credit file and found that I was six months behind payments back in November 2018. However, whilst the creditor informed the Credit Referent Agency in November 2018 that I am six months late, they have been recording it every month since then as six months late. My account with Alpha Credit Solutions, as of this month, is STILL six months late AFTER OVER TWO YEARS. This means they are prolonging my default and therefore the length of time they can effect my credit file - i.e. my account in four years time will still not be removed from the account, although it should be removed by then, Can anyone advise me? Thanks
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