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  1. Thanks for response. I will have a think about it within the deadline. If I were to go to the county court, What would be be the next step regarding the money being taken in the first place and the no investigation etc etc
  2. Yes I did read thank you. Turo have since sent me this. I’ve gone through the procedure and am unable to open the pdf properly on my phone. Not entirely sure if they understood what I meant by a SAR request. From what I can see, there doesn’t seem to be anything in there about this incident. Purely a log of what I’ve done on the app, chats and transactions etc. I will open it properly on a laptop to check again when I get into work.
  3. Ok thanks for the response. Am I right in thinking I should be dealing with turo as it was them that took the money? Regarding the subject access request. Do I email turo, once again stating the issue and demanding an SAR. Is an SAR basically a break down of the procedure they went through that brought them to the conclusion to take the money?
  4. I have just gone onto turo website and began a online chat from a different account to see what they would say about the issue I’ve got without knowing it’s me as such. It states in there that the contract is with turo. And if there’s is cosmetic damaged caused by mechanical failure then the host is liable. Also so it states on there that a representative should have come to where the incident happened to do a report. This did not happen, only a recovery truck came and took the vehicle.
  5. I need to look into the details on whether it was made with turo or the owner. It states on their website that who ever rents a vehicle is liable for damage no matter what unless it was mechanical. They said they investigated and found me to be at fault as the damage was not there before I hired the vehicle. I argued and they said they’d look into. I kept chasing them and had no response and then they took the money. They are not taking into account how the damage was caused, which I know is mechanical. They’re looking at the before and after pictures and
  6. I believe the contract was with turo as I made the hire through them and it was them that took the initial rental fee plus the 2k from my account. Regarding the name and address of the owner of the vehicle. I have the name and they give an address on the app to pick the car up. Not sure whether this is their registered address or not. So the ombudsmen eill only be able to advise regarding the chargeback from the bank. What’s he protocol for dealing with the money being taken. Many fhanks
  7. They took the 2k for the damages to the vehicle without my consent or answering any emails from explaining how the damage was caused. I managed to speak with someone last week from turo and they said to re send the email stating why I’m appealing. Have since sent the email with photos of the damaged wheel. Still no response. I have since seen the car car is back out for hire on instagram with the same wheels on it. The picture I have of the inside of the wheel shows damage and I’m wondering if they’ve even changed he wheel. Regarding moving forward with t
  8. I have just gotten off the phone to the bank. They’re saying they can’t do a chargeback and I will have to deal with turo to get my money back. Looks like inwill will have to seek legal advice and go to the courts
  9. Hi sorry for the big paragraph. Will take note. Thanks for all the advice. I had rented the car for 4 days and it had been fine. On the last day I pulled of and it was like the wheel was egg shaped (ride was really bouncy) I then began to pull over as this was not right and then I felt the whole wheel come off. I don’t understand how they can say this isnt mechanical. It’s not like I was driving crazy and smashed into a parked car. As for how how turo works. You can privately advertise your car on there for rental but get all the perks of insurance and gua
  10. Hi all, first post on here and in need of some advice. I rented a car through the app Turo which is private rentals. I got the car and everything was all ok. On the last day when I was planning to return the car I was driving approximately 15-20mph on a side road and the wheel of the car completely come off causing damage. I looked out in the road and only recovered 2 out of the 5 wheel nuts. Thus telling me somehow the other 3 had fallen out. After the incident I noticed the wheels were not standard and had been modified to fit the car. I hav
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