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  1. Thanks for your help everyone. I have asked my parents to take photos of the signs/ticket machine as I am not local. So the amendment has been made to the act but it's not been passed yet it that correct? Also this charge was issued on the 9 October but the Notice to keeper dated is 28 October (outwith 14 days) would this be a reason to write off?
  2. The company name is Vehicle Control Services Ltd. The demand for payment received mentions a court case rather than sheriff officers.
  3. Thanks for your quick response! If they do decide to take this to a small claims court, would there be a chance to pay before this happened (without accruing further charges?) It's my parents ticket and they don't do well with scaremongering. I reckon it will go away but I need to reassure them!
  4. I have read alot of cases surrounding private Parking Companies and the fact that in Scotland the owner is not responsible for the fine, the driver is so to just ignore. However I believe this changed at the end of 2019 in Scotland and now the owner can be held liable due to a change in the freedom of information act? Can someone advise? I have received the "Demand for payment before court action letter" (Date of alleged offence October 2020) What us the likeness of this company pursuing this though a court? Surely this would cost way over the £160 and would be written off...
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