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  1. Yep, they have my current address Thank you both !
  2. "another one of your issues is following stupid freeman of the land twaddle." yep agree. When I got into my first trouble, a couple of years ago, I tried this method, you know, panic etc but with time I saw something was wrong, I started to feel like in some fairy tale when I went into the details of it so now I looked for other advice. I spent a few hours reading the posts here, it all makes sense, answers, advice. so I don`t have to send cca or sar request ? Thank you for your help, if something happens, I will be back
  3. eeeh i see ... I just really need a little help, that's why I am here. Being funny does not mean that I am a troll or something and English is not my native language. I just don`t know what to do next, that`s all
  4. I ignore them with a smile on my face, but something needs to be done Can you expand your hint a little bit ?
  5. Hi there ! in brief, a few days ago I received a letter from Moorcroft regarding my Argos account (closed. default ). should I start with CCA and SAR ? I also have another case from 3 years ago, also with Moorcroft now. This case is different, my alleged debt was sold to Hoist Portfolio, and they handed me over to the Robinson Way at first, then to Moorcroft. I used three letters ( advice from another forum ), for Robinson Way it worked, they gave up after two years. I`ve never sent a formal request ( with 1 pound fee ), I just asked for a r
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