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  1. Thanks for your response. Is there a way for me to find out if he has assets? I looked at small claims court and dividing the issues, but I read somewhere (maybe citizens advice or GOV. website?!) that you cannot claim against the same person twice for matters arising from the same incident so I'm not sure that it would work out as surely it would be seen that these issues have all arisen from the same incident (his original work)?
  2. @BankFodder I have obtained 3x independent Quotes, the average of the quotes was 24,000 including VAT but not including things like sanitary ware if that is damaged trying to rectify his works or new tiles. In addition I have already spent £1000 and anticipate needing temporary accommodation for at least 1month but it is hard to know how long the works will take. I need to to exact calculations, and it is difficult to predict all costs but I believe in total I am looking at between £28,000 and £30,000 Here is a chronological bullet points of events, which I have
  3. I don't know the details for his rentals. I just checked and his home is in his wife's name. I don't know what to do, are there companies or websites who do asset/background checking that I could check that all?
  4. Thank you for your very quick response. I am asking for (almost) a full refund, in that I am asking for monies paid to him ( I paid over this due to directly paying for certain materials eg steel beams, planning applications, engineering calcs and drawings etc) however, I anticipate that I won't get the full refund and am realistic about this. I just did not want to ask for the amount to rectify and then him bring it down so that I am having to pay a lot of that too. Ideally he will cover the cost of rectification, plus consequential losses plus some to cover inconvenience.
  5. Hi. this is a long one, please forgive me. I had extensive works on my home in Oct 2018 which included a loft dormer. pursued builder for some snagging issues but nothing major (windows sticking, grouting racks and plaster cracks etc.) to no avail, builder gave me lots of excuses, illness, family issues which I was sympathetic to. All of which came to heads in Oct 2019 when the dormer roof began to leak very suddenly and severely. He came back to 'rectify' it a few weeks later and either ignored a lot of the other things or did them very poorly. the roof began to leak again May
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