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  1. First of all this is my very first post (just joined). I listed a full size computer case, coolermaster c700p, on gumtree for £150, someone was interested but required postage as they were some 350 miles away, having used parcel2go many times for smaller parcels, decided to get a quote, due to its size and weight roughly (H650mmxL600mmxW60mm) (23kg) it was just over £50 with Parcelforce, which myself and the buyer would go halves, I also chose to insure it for £200 and pay the extra fee, buyer agreed and he paid by banks transfer £175, I proceeded to package the case, I first taped the 2 side doors/panels shut, then wrapped bubble wrap around the case, 5 times around and the top/bottom roughly 2 inches of bubble wrap, I then wrapped around the sides a layer of Bubble Quilt, larger square bubbles, I then put roughly another 2 inches of bubble wrap in the bottom of the box, put the case in the box, then padded out the sides, then the top I added about 4 inches of brown packing paper, then sealed the box and wrapped in tough black plastic and printed fragile, do not stack stickers on the box. It was collected on Friday the 8th jan and delivered on mon 11th, however the buyer contacted me to say the case was damaged, added are some images of the case before I packed it and how he received it, it's difficult to understand how or what caused the damage, as one of the pics of the front, it had what looks like parallel groves, like a forklift or something caused it, I have put in a claim, providing all the images, around 20ish, the original purchase receipt, the gumtree ad screenshot, and a screenshot of the bank transfer, however they have asked for proof of value twice, Document Rejection Reason Proof of value – What we need as proof of value is the financial transaction. This can be a purchase receipt, bank statement, eBay auction screen shot showing the sold item in “MyeBay” or a transaction page from Pay Pal. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any hand-written receipt or a word document stating the value. Which is why I've provided a screen shot from the banking app. They can clearly see it wasn't damaged before shipping, but the state of it when he received it, it was clearly mishandled. What would you suggest next if they either want proof of value again or deny the claim for whatever reason. Thanks in advanced and sorry for the long post.
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