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  1. @dx100uk - Okay, so I requested a CCA for all 3 accounts. As you predicted, they took longer than the 12 days to respond. They have now provided the information for 2 of the accounts and I'm still waiting for the 3rd. They're all copies of the documents and not originals. PRA have written to me stating "they have deemed the debt unenforceable" I have therefore stopped paying any monies to them, I will not be using any redundancy monies to paying them off... and although I'm receiving emails/letters regularly; I'm refraining from answering them and hoping they will eventually stop!! Thank you for your advice.
  2. No, didn't know I could ask for one, but I will now, unless it's too late? Thanks Andy - is it wise (can I) just stop paying then without any consequences court action etc...?? No, didn't know I could ask for one, but I will now, unless it's too late? Sorry I pressed 'Quote' can't see another way to reply to you
  3. Hey... I was defaulted in 2012 for 4 separate credit cards. I made agreements to pay a certain amount each month with them all (albeit not a lot). One is with Capital One, I continue to pay directly to them as they never transferred the debt. The others was transferred to PRA; 2 x MNBA these was defaulted in 2012 so no longer show on my credit file. The 3rd one originally with Barclays was defaulted in 2016, so is still on my credit file. I have never missed a payment in the 6+ years the agreements was made. My husband has been made redundant, he will be entitled to a little bit of redundancy via the government scheme around 4k, so not a lot. I phoned PRA to see if I could settle the 3 accounts with the redundancy money. On the Barclay's card as the balance is now only 1800.00 I have to pay the amount in full. With the two MNBS they are both around the 4k mark each - they said they would settle with a 5% reduction. Far more that the redundancy money will be. Is this debt classed as Statue Barred? if not, if I no longer pay what could be the consequences (if any)? I obviously will not be able to afford the payments but don't want to get into any legal trouble or my credit file be marked for another 6 years. Any advice will be very much appreciated.
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