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  1. By way of an update. After some back and forth with Sweatband and most importantly a few online reviews their latest response is: "After discussions with management. They have also commented that the manual was available at the time of purchase to view regarding requirements of the location and that all purchased equipment needs some maintenance from time to time, but that it needs to be kept in the appropriate conditions. However, on this occasion, we are happy to organise the repair without charge, but if the machine is continued to be kept in the garage, it wil
  2. @BankFodderthank you very much for your help and guidance. It has been extremely useful. I have now contacted sweatband in writing setting out our position and that we want to rectify this situation with them I will let you know how i get on Thanks EM0149
  3. Thank you very much for your response. The first treadmill was delivered by courier arranged by Sweatband. The first one was picked up and the replacement delivered by a company called Panther instructed by the manufacturer Icon. Both were delivered into our garage. Both treadmills were installed by us.
  4. @bankfodder We have not returned back to sweatband since speaking to the manufacturer. We wanted to research our legal rights in the first instance
  5. Hi The first one was purchased in August 2020 and returned in October. This is the link to the page. https://www.sweatband.com/proform-pro-1500-treadmill.html We wanted to research our rights so we were clear on them before going back to the manufacturer or sweatband. The last communication was with the manufacturer who sweatband directed us to and the manufacturer told us the location of the treadmill was unsuitable and we had to move it our it would void our warranty. I wonder if you could be kind enough to let me know if y
  6. Hi all Thank you so much for all your comments and advice, especially @bankfodder The treadmill was a Proform pro 1500. Icon are the manufacturer. Just to clarify this is the second machine we had. The initial treadmill we had for approx 2 months. Again this was working fine one day then would not switch on the next. We reported this to Sweatband who redirected us to the manufacturer. The problem was the same with the electrics however on that occasion the manufacturer indicated there was a problem with alignment of the running surface and they sent a rep
  7. Hi I wonder if anyone can assist. We purchased a proform treadmill from Sweatband.com approximately 3 months ago. It is a fairly large treadmill and we purchased with the intention of putting into our garage which has electrical wiring and my partner has a turbo trainer already in there (has been for years). when the treadmill got delivered the warranty documents advise against keeping it in the garage. No where on the website for Sweatband or the manufacturer's website does it recommend the treadmill is not kept in the garage. The sweatband
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