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  1. Hello Slick and Taxhelper Sorry, i been on night shift and was resting all day today. I cannot express my gratitude to you enough and everyone else for all the great advice on this forum. I agree with taxhelpers' plan in the last post #41 and will go by it. What a great plan, so thankyou. This was my first time i use the site and cannot express how delighted I am and glad that i did. I found all the comments very useful and constructive and they certainly helped me alot. Now I can, as Taxhelper said, move on and be more or
  2. Thankyou Slick Hope you had a nice day The only way I can log into the self assessment is via the gov. verify portal . when i do succwsfuly log in, i am taken to the page titled "" information as at 01 feb 2021 xxxxx ( my name) UTR XXXXX At a Glance View account 3000 is now due for payment Interst may be charged on late paymetns amounts due now How to pay You have a total of 9000 becoming due for payment . Your next payment is due on 31 Jul 2021. For deta
  3. Hello Slick Thankyou went to the HMRC couldn't exactly find the link you kindly mentioned but was able to view what they think I owed for tax year ending in 2020 Tax. 9000 surcharges. 0 interest. 0 penalties. 0 Subtotal 9000 less payments for this year 6000 less other adjustments. 0 total. 3000 so that’s what appears currently on the HMRC site these were based on the 2018-19 SA return and the 9000 was what they
  4. Dear Slick Thankyou for reading through this post My SA return for 2018-2019 was done by my accountant, so I am unable to view it online as such. I think he filed it as a filing agent, so i actually am unable to access it and view the calculations or make amendments. I am no longer with that accountant. With regards to the 20-19-2020, the 18K I paid was paid on Saturday 30/1/2021, and on checking my bank statements online, it was deducted from my bank amount just today (1/2/2021). Having just checked again, its still not showing so i guess the HM
  5. Thankyou Taxhelper I did call the HMRC and got some useful info. The lady who answered was so friendly and helpful and she listened with not a single interruptions. She was fantastic. So may I run this by your please She suggested that i talk to the team of finance/debt to discuss a reduced on payment arrangement. I think I better clarify the picture for you I had completely forgotten that last January, thats Jan 2020, I had made an overpayment of £6000 on my frst account for the 2019-2020. I was so relived when she reminded me of th
  6. 'If you are in financial distress and owe any other outstanding tax, you can apply for a ‘Time to Pay’ arrangement. This provides a pre-agreed, time-limited deferral period to pay any tax you owe to HMRC. The government has announced that due to the coronavirus pandemic they’ll be offering Time to Pay arrangements for any tax that will be due on the 31st January 2021. If you do not meet these requirements, or need longer than 12 months to pay in full, you may still be able to set up a ‘Time to Pay’ arrangement by calling the HMRC Self Assessment payment helpline on 0
  7. Thanks to everyone. Submitted everything yesterday i paid what I owed them for 18-19. I am however unable tp pay the first payment on account for 20-21 which was also required by todays deadline After revised calculations, that amounts to ~6500 Now, I am aware there will be a surcharge I note taxpayers post #21 re the surcharges pf 2.6% on a daily basis. I know for certainty that I cannot pay the outstanding ( which is the first payment on account for 20-21) , even by the end of feb. I need till a
  8. Thankyou Ethel Yes I am ready to submit just checking every figure and rechecking etc... Personally I am not sure why they would extend the deadline yet keep the payment deadlines unchanged. Its irrelevant in my case, but I struggle to see who would that extension be of beneficial to, if the payments have still got to be made by 31/1/2021. Where the wisdom in that, although I am happy as it may be of help to many millions.
  9. Thanks I am just about to submit now, but a friend just said that HMRC have extended their deadline till 28th feb. Is this a hoax? ive checked online and it appears true. Whats confusing thought is they are extending the deadline for filing till 28th feb but will still want people to pay by 31/1/2021 and if they owe HMRC any money they need to pay and interest will apply. so extend filing date till 28th Feb with no penalties but charge interest from the first of Feb if we owe them. Bit confusing but I guess at least they have given us
  10. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou x million million times You are wonderful and sorry to tak up your time Hope you keep safe and that you and all your loved ones stay safe and are healthy
  11. Hello Taxhelper Thanks again . Your so kind and Im very grateful. I am about to submit the form in the next few hours. Before clicking the submit button there is a calculation page that has been generated by the site based on the info I provided ( income from PAYe and income from self employment etc...with all expenses deducted). their calcs are correct. The figures are correct and I do owe them a sum as well as 1st payment on account for 20-21. I just am not sure I can pay the lot by 31/1/2021 because I did not anticipate that the hospital may not be able t
  12. Thanks dear taxhelper. I really appreciate it. As a nurse i am part self employed and part PAYE ( i think i had mentioned that in my initial post#1). But I totally agree, everything should balance out. I have kind of worked out how much I owe them. I wont be able to pay it all because I am short of funds. The hospital had delayed processing one of my invoices and so the payment may r may not be in my bank account by the end of the month. I dont know that. If it does get into my account then im Ok paying my tax. if not then I wont have enough. How
  13. Goodmorning I hope everyone is well and thanks to everyone so far for their advice Just about to submit SA online wanted to check a few things please 1. for my fuel mainly, lot of the receipts have faded and i use my internet bank statements for evidence of fuel etc. For example if I wen to BP petrol station, and filled up £40, it would show up on my bank statement and thats my evidence. If i do buy a coffee whilst there, I tend to pay separately, thus keeping the fuel payments e separate. i thn aportion 60% of the fuel cost to business, as ~40%
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