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  1. Thank you all! It's good to verify that this is quite normal, as I could only have a limited experience and sample size. Limited friends and myself had not heard of this being done. Thank you.
  2. Some added info. This is a Toyota Corolla, 2002. I took it to Toyota where I do my service. Last service was July 2020.
  3. I took my car for an MOT early at 08:00. I was first in, no other work, the appointment had been made a week before, so I was told it would be done immediately. After an hour I got a call that the MOT had failed with back bushes cracked and front suspension work (which I currently do not remember - nor do I have a record for as I will explain). I told them then to do all work needed for the car to pass MOT, as I have to by the laws around a failed MOT, the parts and labour would be around £700 I went to check the MOT database but did not see my failed MOT, just the pass from last year. I called them again and asked why I can't see it. They said that it will be recorded shortly. Later that afternoon they then call me and tell me it's all ready and it will be £500+ now, since they reviewed it more closely. I check the MOT database again and all I see is a passed MOT. No failed MOT has been recorded. That is why I cannot tell you exactly what they have fixed. I still have not gone to the garage. I thought a failed MOT has to be recorded by law. I'm suspicious of this. Am I right to be suspicious?
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