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  1. Thank you. Its just crazy isn't it. I was just reading about action fraud too so will contact them. I've opened and escalated a claim with PayPal and sent the evidence to them showing the tracking number on the letter that hat the seller had sent. Thank goodness Royal Mail acted so quickly to retrieve the letter from the co-op. I dont know how these fraudsters do it but they seem to quite a lot! Thanks again and glad you got your issue sorted out.
  2. Thanks BazzaS. I don't know what the seller paid as he used a franking machine I think, or at least that's what the Royal Mail investigator says. There wasn't any cost printed on the envelope as is usually the case when you send something using Special delivery. He used a prepaid method as per the photo. Thanks ill contact Action fraud too.
  3. Thanks- I only had that left in there as sold something very recently. I wouldn't ordinarily leave a balance of more than £100 in my PayPal account and to be fair this is the first, and will be the last time that I ever do this. If they don't refund my payment, I will have to issue court proceedings and call the Royal Mail investigator as a witness, which he said he would do. I just wondered who the court proceeding would have to be addressed to- the seller, Ebay or PayPal? Thank you for your assistance.
  4. Thanks. I actually paid with the balance left in my PayPal account so it wasn't paid using my debit card; with hindsight i should have used my Debit card but in a way good I never as they would have also had my bank details!
  5. Hi everyone. I'm new here and came across the site after searching for advice regarding a fraud that I have been the victim of relating to a purchase of a laptop bought on eBay and paid for via PayPal. I would be very grateful for some advice/ assistance. Long story short, I bought an Apple Macbook Computer for my daughter now they are not at school for her to complete online schooling. I bought the new laptop on 4 January 2021, from an eBay seller and paid immediately using my PayPal balance (£1750.00). The seller agreed to send usin
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