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  1. Hi BF, Appreciate the prompt reply. I will send an SAR - is there guidance on how anywhere? They have sent no paperwork of any kind at the moment though they may have sent it to the premises (it's empty so I'll need to go round there). As you say they only supply commercial energy and the terminology they use in texts and credit control e-mails refers only to business name so I'm assuming yes its commercial. What's going on is that in common with literally hundreds of other complainants (see Trustpilot) I am being fleeced by the application of unfair/unreasonable internal rules
  2. I have read most of the recent exchanges relating to BES Utilities but they don't quite cover the situation I find myself in'. 1) I found out from the national database that BES used to supply a hairdressing business which leased the premises on the first floor of a building we own. 2) That business went into receivership in 2017 and BES cut them off soon after that. I do not know exact dates as I was nothing to do with the process. 3) The premises has remained empty since then and no electricity (obviously) consumed. So I asked BES to downgrade the meter to residential so
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