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  1. I don’t want to bring action against the RSPCA. They’ve done nothing wrong and both the owners and myself knew that the RSPCA were not responsible for payment. My main query is how to go about getting the owners to pay. Who can I contact for advice on this? Surely they can be issued with something official from somewhere to say they owe me money?
  2. The Rspca know the owners as I spoke to the officer who collected the rabbits from them. I have their full name, contact numbers and an email address
  3. No I don’t as they moved home during the time I had the rabbits and are refusing to give me the new address.
  4. I run my own fully insured pet sitting and boarding business. I was contacted on the 3rd November by a man who needed me to board his two rabbits due to an emergency situation. The RSPCA were collecting his pets and would drop them to me the following day. I emailed him the agreement form which he text in response to the next day saying he couldn’t fill them in on his phone but the rabbits were already with me. We agreed a rolling contract of fortnightly payments which happened up until the 27th November. At the beginning of December he messaged me asking
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