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  1. Thanks Tony P, I’ve had my book stamped too, but my point is, were you told it would re set your mileage?
  2. Thanks for your feedback. It was most definitely the instrument cluster that was changed, and not the issue. It’s apparently a fairly common fault.
  3. Hello all. I own an immaculate Kia. It’s 2014 with only 29k on the clock, full service history and not a blemish inside or out. I’m really quiet proud of this, even though to some, my car is old. Recently the instrument cluster failed and all detail went blank. Spoke to the dealers who looked at it and said it would need to be replaced under warranty. I took the car in last week for this repair. Not once did anyone give me any warning that my mileage would be lost! My now low mileage car is only showing 13 miles on the clock and apparently the original mileage was non transferable. I called the dealership and also made a call to Kia UK. The dealership haven’t even apologised for what’s happened, but told Kia UK that they didn’t know this would happen! I’m so upset! Everything I’ve done to look after my car to try and keep its value appears to have been undone. A very trusted dealer has said it will de value the car and that it’s the same as no one wanting a car that’s been in an accident, but repaired to highest standards. Everyone wants originality. I just need some advice? I could let this go and then find I can’t sell the car when the time comes and it will be too late. Am I over reacting? Is there anything I can do?
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