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  1. Hi all, I forgot to SORN my 2nd car. Long story short a debt collector phoned me saying I owed the DVLA £80. I called the DVLA and I did indeed have an £80 fine. The car has been off the road in my garage for 14 months, its insured but no MOT for 12 months either as I have not been driving it. I paid the £80, no issue there as I was my own fault. Then the woman on the phone asked if I wanted to pay my tax balance, insinuating that I owe 14 months of tax for a car that has been siting in my garage. Bottom line is I am not in a position to pay £400 at this time of the year, so I said no. I then asked if I would get fined again, and she said no as I am now SORN. I said well what about the outstanding money, and TBH she was clear as mud! She sent me an email, which again, was clear as mud. Has anyone had any experience with this? Its a joke that they want to charge me £400 in tax for a car that has been off the road. The whole thing seems like a racket to me, its not really rocket science... If someone doesn't tax their car in a given time then just auto SORN the thing. Of course then they couldn't charge people £500 in road tax and fines for a car that's been no where near the road.
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