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  1. Thanks for your advice, I'll let you know this pans out.
  2. Hi again, The last letter opens as below: REPAYMENT PROPOSAL FINAL OFFER Creditor: Bank Name CLI ref: xxxxx Debt Amount: £xxxxx = xxxxDKK Interest: £xxxxx Compensation: Debt Collection Costs: VAT on collection costs: Balance due: £xxxxx We regret that you have not..... etc. I hope the above makes sense, all advice is appreciated. Many thanks,
  3. DX100UK, thanks again for your response. They state the Bank as a creditor within the breakdown of costs, but do not directly mention them as the client. They have used the term, "Our client," on a couple of occasions.
  4. DX100UK thanks for your reply. So I can continue to ignore them?
  5. Sorry, certainly. The loan was a joint loan between my ex-wife and myself. After our divorce I returned to the UK in 2015 and continued to pay my share of the loan until around August 2016. The bank contacted me to say that my ex-wife had stopped paying her half. I continued to pay for a few months, but because I could not afford the full payments and the charges that were being put on the account I stopped paying. I also couldn't access my accounts because I wasn't residing in Denmark. You need something called NEM-ID, which you can't apply for outside the country.
  6. Hi there, I've received 3 letters from CLI chasing a debt that originates from Denmark. I previously lived there until 6 years ago. The address they have sent the letters to is the address I lived at until mid 2019, the current occupiers have forwarded these letters to me. All three letters follow the script I've read regarding this DCA. The third letter outlining that they have checked and I am residing at the above address (which I'm not). The advice I've read regarding CLI says ignore them, however I've read some threads talking about Backdoor CCJ's.
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