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  1. Hi DX, for the first section - I am in dispute because the docs are not in English, one not mine and etc... next section - then ask for docs based on above attached but edited to reflect my case?
  2. DX, Ok, thanks. I'll construct a reply. How would you like me to share it? Many thanks,
  3. The transactions log has the word "Kunde" near the top this means Customer. It states my ex-wife's name here, it looks to me like these payments have been going through an account in her name and then at the end they transferred the balance (inc the overdraft) somewhere else. We divorced in 2015 when I returned to the UK. As you can see this happened after then.
  4. Hi there DX, Please see the attached. As requested. Can you/somebody advise how best to dispute this please? Thanks, DCA doc.pdf
  5. Hi again all, I've prepared a doc to upload. Before I do, do I need to ink out rates of interest etc as well personal info and reference numbers? Many thanks
  6. Hi again, The DCA referred to above were called Intrum Justitia. The docs I have received so far are all in Danish. One is a signed agreement from the relevant bank. The other is a document that which looks account transactions registered to my ex-wife as she is the named customer at the top of the page. It also looks like the bank have added her overdraft and interest charges on to the debt too. There are quite a few sides as the loan agreement is doubled sided. I will have access to a scanner tomorrow, I'll scan, ink out and upload tomorrow. I hope that is OK? Many thanks,
  7. DX100UK, I didn't write to the bank advising of my new address, as CLI started sending me letters to my new address. I didn't act as the letters were exactly the same as the ones that were forwarded to me. Thanks,
  8. Hi there, Please the attached. I'm afraid it's a bit crude, if you have difficulties reading it. Please let me know. Thanks again, CLI Doc.pdf
  9. Hi there, I contacted you back in December regarding CLI chasing me for a debt from Denmark. I have received a PAP from them over the weekend. The letter is dated 8 days before the post mark! They have enclosed paperwork which is signed by both my ex-wife and I dated in 2014. There is also payment data up until Feb 2017, which looks like it relates to my ex-wife's account (not sure they should be sharing this with me). I get the feeling they might be at it, but I don't want to risk ending up in court. I have currently ignored all their previous letters. Can CLI take me to court and what do you suggest I do? Many thanks,
  10. Thanks for your advice, I'll let you know this pans out.
  11. Hi again, The last letter opens as below: REPAYMENT PROPOSAL FINAL OFFER Creditor: Bank Name CLI ref: xxxxx Debt Amount: £xxxxx = xxxxDKK Interest: £xxxxx Compensation: Debt Collection Costs: VAT on collection costs: Balance due: £xxxxx We regret that you have not..... etc. I hope the above makes sense, all advice is appreciated. Many thanks,
  12. DX100UK, thanks again for your response. They state the Bank as a creditor within the breakdown of costs, but do not directly mention them as the client. They have used the term, "Our client," on a couple of occasions.
  13. DX100UK thanks for your reply. So I can continue to ignore them?
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