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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply. Just a fuller list Actual occurrences. Appliance broke down, Early December [no date for this stored in my memory, sorry] I contacted via their customer care form online, and eventually they responded on 16/12/20 quoting my enquiry was 14/12/20 {it was earlier but my fault for not logging it] After 3 identical emails from Beko asking exactly the same inane questions [which i had already responded] Beko sent me independent engineer 24/12/20 who returned report direct to Beko. Machine was declared broken beyond repair in the report received
  2. Need help/advice please. Purchased Fridge-Freezer from Curry’s; delivered 07/10/20. Broke down first week in December. Eventually [wont bore you with non customer service at Beko] Beko sent engineer 24/12/20 and received this report and declared appliance a right off - issue me with an uplift number to contact Curry’s myself to organise replacement. Numerous attempts to contact Curry’s customer service - on ringing you are transferred to a smart bot, then an agent who then tells you they cannot help you and sends you back to another telephone n
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