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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply. Just a fuller list Actual occurrences. Appliance broke down, Early December [no date for this stored in my memory, sorry] I contacted via their customer care form online, and eventually they responded on 16/12/20 quoting my enquiry was 14/12/20 {it was earlier but my fault for not logging it] After 3 identical emails from Beko asking exactly the same inane questions [which i had already responded] Beko sent me independent engineer 24/12/20 who returned report direct to Beko. Machine was declared broken beyond repair in the report received by Beko on 29/12/20 After many unanswered telephone calls to Beko, I sat on the phone on 05/01/21 for 1 and 1/2 hours, when they answered. I requested refund/replacement/uplift number action within 24 hours - having been almost a months with a broken new appliance, they agreed and i received email next day from Beko with uplift number for me to contact Curry’s direct. Initial call to currys - managed to get put through to agent who couldn’t help me as no paperwork showed on my file.... Told to call back, since then I have gone from answerphone message, via smart bots, via agents, been cut off and given links to web assistance via my mobile, only to go through the same procedure again and again. Obviously i am totally dissatisfied with both Beko, who manufacture appliance, and Currys who I purchased from. however, am stuck in a never ending cycle of nothing
  2. Need help/advice please. Purchased Fridge-Freezer from Curry’s; delivered 07/10/20. Broke down first week in December. Eventually [wont bore you with non customer service at Beko] Beko sent engineer 24/12/20 and received this report and declared appliance a right off - issue me with an uplift number to contact Curry’s myself to organise replacement. Numerous attempts to contact Curry’s customer service - on ringing you are transferred to a smart bot, then an agent who then tells you they cannot help you and sends you back to another telephone number which also send you to a smart - and the same event repeat themselves. Have spent £500.00 and just want a replacement appliance delivered. Can anyone help me please ? Thank you in advance
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