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  1. Have a look at the second uploaded NTK - on the RHS it gives the full address of the car park, which is a requirement of S4 PoFA 2012. 9 (2) The notice must— (a) specify the vehicle, the relevant land on which it was parked and the period of parking to which the notice relates; Unlikely an PPC would have images from a site when the vehicle was not there. MB are not that kind of company.
  2. Be careful, you have assumed because this was at Tower Court you had an exemption (e.g. permission to park), if you had no right to park at Heslington you may be on a sticky wicket and most of the advice on the thread null and void because the contributors thought this to be an operator (e.g. Minster Baywatch) admin error when it does not appear you had permission to park in Heslington and so if this goes to Court and you had no rights to park there you could be facing a large bill.
  3. Hi everyone, just one minor point. The charge was issued for parking in Heslington near the Uni run by Minster Baywatch and the car park he's talking about is on the opposite of the city and run by a different car park operator (ARDPark). Tower Court and Heslington are a good few miles apart. Heslington Retail Park - York - YO10 5LA - where he got the charge and Tower Court Health Centre, Oakdale Rd, York YO30 4RZ. So if you were exempted at Tower Court and got a charge at Heslington - they are totally unrelated.
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