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  1. Helo @Bank Fodder, I need your help about my missing parcel with Hermes. I sent a parcel using next day delivery from Hermes Parcel Shop (Unique Within The University) in Birmingham University on Monday, 7 of December 2020, at 12.11 PM, to my home address in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Up until today, the tracking app indicates that my parcel is still at this shop. I opted for no Insurance because they only covered max £300, so I thought there's no point to insure it. On the 11th day (18th of December 2020) they declared that my parcel is presumably LOST, and they sent me a claim form. The parcel was a Limited Edition folding bike , the market value today is between £3.000-£4.000 from collectors, I can only provide the receipt from the shop that mentioned £2.250. The claim form from Hermes didn't allow me to enter any amount over a £1000, so I put £1000 in the claim form and submitted it. They asked for 28 days to assess the claim, with a promise that if they found my parcel, it would be sent to me. presently , I haven't heard anything back from Hermes. My questions: 1. Am I allowed to take any (legal) actions towards Hermes during this 28 days, such as small claims or choose representation to deal with this matter? 2. If the refund from Hermes does not cover the actual price of the bike, am I allowed to reject it and request a different claim action? 3. Is it possible for me to ask for a refund up to the current market price, because I can no longer find the same item at it's original price, and this bike actually belongs to someone else. I need to find the exact same bike in order to return it to the owner. I have all the proof of written communications between me and Hermes up until they sen me the claim form. I did ask them to access the CCTV from the shop, but they didn't reply. If you could represent me dealing with this matter, it would be a great advantage. Kind Regards, LillyFire
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