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  1. Dont have much hope I sent ford's the vehicle report they said it could mean a new engine but they can't tell until they exam the vehicle its self costing £195
  2. Any more advise I'm waiting on decision off ace examination report see if they change their mind on wear and tear moneybarn told me to stop asking for updates and wait for them to contact me bloody nerve they've got i have a car outside that can't be driven and paying for it for no fault of my own leasing a car to get me to work and back
  3. Dealer was stockport car supermarket they just not answering my emails Yeah looking at problems with moneybarn same motor inspection firm ace and same customer service name from moneybarn not got a customer service at all Read up complaints on moneybarn they not the best at responding or resolving issues not a quick fix my case not
  4. Emailed moneybarn again either to repair the car so it's fit for purpose or take car back still waiting a response all this is costing me money I have no car to use and its really making me depressed and low
  5. OK if I don't get the problems rectifyed or car taken back what's my next steps I've not driven the car for a month incase I cause more damage I'm still keeping up the payments on the vehicle obviously
  6. Yes if all jobs were done I keep it I was a bit silly really I should of looked into the focus in more detail it has lots of common issues
  7. Thank you it wasn't until November I notified hp company cause I was still awaiting reply from garage they say they will pay towards the water leak in the boot but not the mechanic issues I'm loosing coolant from the expansion tank and the car then goes into limp mode once I go over 3000 RPM with engine malfunction lamp...please service now once car is hot it won't fire up right away and you can smell fumes
  8. I'm having issues with moneybarn hp company car I bought 4 months ago has a few issues I bought up with garage I bought it off but not response I notified them 2 days after receiving it but now I complained to moneybarn they have sent a independent motor examination out he agreed the car is faulty but its occurred since I have the car wear and tear so not willing to help advise please
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