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  1. Here is a bit of context. Now you know where the spider is you can notice it, but if it isnt bright enough or you're not looking there it would be easily missed. So as per the previous pic, its above the gun she's holding. They can try to argue that the spider may have crawled in there, but these screen are supposed to be sealed against such things so as far as i'm concerned thats a manufacturing issue.
  2. Its not in the middle of the screen, in the top right hand corner so you need to be looking in the right place whilst there is a bright background in order to notice it. Not sure how I can evidence the fact that there has been no way to try and contact them other than the phone call that I made and that was this morning.
  3. I did notice it, havent been able to conact anyone to report it or get an exchange. Thats been the issue. I'll see if i can get a pick
  4. It was an insurance replacement and I collected it from store around the 5th December.
  5. Have recently noticed a dead spider in the screen of my new Sony TV from currys. Trying to organise an exchange but according to the online exchange form, no store near me is available (even though they are currently open). Tried to ring customer services but an automated message has told me to conatct Sony, no web chat available and no email address either. Any ideas what I should try next?
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