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  1. Yes I had thought I need to sit down and get all the items, tracking numbers and screenshots of where it says damaged I will look to so this over next few days. As I purchased all items through retailers I paid normal post and packaging and no insurance was offered but unsure If the retailers would have insurance. To my knowledge all parcels were straight to Hermes I do not recall any of the tracking saying otherwise. I do believe it all happens at the same depot as I have ordered items from the same retailers to an alternative address which have been delivered by
  2. Hi I bought all these items from all different retailers, for example one was a woolly hat from ASOS. One was a coat from eBay, one was some skincare products from beauty bay. So they all would of been labelled like normal parcels. since my post I have had a further two parcels both of which say they are being delivered on a set day, this day comes and goes and again gets marked as damaged. so we are now up to 10 parcels damaged in a row I’ve not had one successfully delivered since November.
  3. I have been told they have been returned to sender but the latest one I have asked the retailer if they have received it and can they tell me how it was damaged. This one is from a very large retailer which have yet to respond after 3 days so not sure going to get much info :( One parcel was a pair of socks so I just question how that was damaged to an extent they would deliver it!!!
  4. Hi All Hoping for some help and wisdom. Over the last 2 months I have ordered around 8 parcels from all different retailers which have ended up being sent to Hermes for delivery, all of them will be given a delivery time frame which will come and go and a day or two later the tracking will update to say the parcel has been damaged and will be sent back to the sender. The multiple retailers have all been very good and refunded what I paid however I am now at the point where I want my items and can't buy them from the shops. I have done a few tests and orde
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