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  1. absolutely valid argument. I am not saying Revolut has no right to discharge its AML responsibility, more that what protections customers have if Revolut fails on unlocking AML-related account locks adequately? (given the history of its AML breach, i can understand they want to be cautious on AML). They have been brought to court on such issue and lost, though they basically claimed admin errors on the delay. I can say my ( and my partner's) experience on poor de-risking procedure was just like what the guy had described in the below story. https://oacktree.com/revolut
  2. I was locked out until i discovered that the debit card was still functional (but not for bank transfers). So i have essentially used up my balance by topping up some other services. 50k clips are large sums for sure, and large sums have been a point many raised as a justification for Revolut. But note they advertise as a cheap FX conversion provider, so it is not unreasonable for those with larger FX exchange needs to utilise this and be subsequently locked up in this. You won't bother for changing 2000 GBP to EUR just to save 10 pounds.. from a customer protection point of view,
  3. Hi there, I have seen a similar case posted here before so want to try my luck - anyone have a view on how to deal with such "bank bully?" 1. my problem is with Revolut having an overly sensitive AML (possibly algorithm) resulting in thousands of accounts suspensions, following which they typically have a poor customer service and invasive unlocking policies on resolve the issue. Revolut has no customer hotlines to call, and access to funds, sometimes large sum, can be locked behind slow chat room agents for ages. 2. in my case, i was attracted by Revolut'
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