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  1. Hi, the 28 day deadline for return of the data request has now passed and we have gone through the paperwork. we have had responses from the solicitors, and from Lloyds Bank. The bank sent us 4 x bundles of paperwork, although no. 4 was for a completely different person so they’ve obviously messed up somewhere. But the details we wanted around the credit card was supplied and we now have a full paper Trail of correspondence that we didn’t have. Link received our SAR letter as they signed for it, but they have sadly not responded. Is there anything we can do
  2. Hi we have had one SAR letter back from The solicitors. What an eye opener that has been! although we haven’t received any postal letters throughout 2020 at all from the court or from the solicitors/link/bank, the logs show there have been countless text messages and calls to his phone over the the course of the last 18 months plus emails from link unbeknown to me (but not from the bank though). clearly he cannnot deny these and has chose to bury his head in the sand and not tell me about it. You were clearly right that he hasn’t been honest with me.
  3. So in layman terms this mean that it’s going to go against my name as well? If so, how is that possible? Does this now change your previous advice that this will now affect my credit rating and cause issues for me obtaining potential credit in the future? sorry if these questions seem a bit silly or thick but I am way in over my head with all this, I’m overwhelmed and basically sorting this out on my own.
  4. ok this should be fine now. I note that it states on the interim charging order in paragraph 3 that if the interim charging order has been made by a court officer.....14 days after a party is served with this order that a reconsideration request needs to be made - would this be a request to set aside? Redacted Kearns' letter and encls correct.pdf
  5. apologies I have misunderstood your request. Will upload Kearns letter shortly. The last credit card statement, which I found last night, was received in February 2019 and I can confirm that it has the current address on it.
  6. Here you go. I have uploaded the redacted versions of the letters only. please let me know if I need to make any amendments or if I can proceed to sign and send. thanks for your help so far! SARs letter redacted.pdf
  7. Ahh that’s great will do and have already enclosed with my letters our current council tax bill. So will take a copy of the kearns letter and encl also. will upload shortly.
  8. I'm equally as puzzled! ok I have just done 2 x SAR letters to Lloyds and Kearns. Do I send one to Link or LC Asset in Luxembourg or are they one and the same? Once confirmed I will upload. TIA
  9. ok, here is our completed questionnaire. Name of the Claimant ? LC Asset 1 S.A.R.L Date of issue – . No Claim Form received. Judgment or order on 18 November 2019 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – 1.the claimant ('c') claims the whole of the outstanding balance due and payable under an agreement referenced 5187913.... and opened effective from 21/11/2012. 2.the agreement is regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 ('cca'), was signed by the defendant ('d') and from which credit was extended to d.
  10. Hi both We go through our post meticulously and everything is saved in lever arches, especially bank/finances so I can keep a paper trail (unless it is junk and that gets thrown away). I have spent all morning going through all our lever arches and I can assure you that we have had absolutely nothing. My husband has also gone through all his emails (just in case) - nothing. He said he had a few miss calls a few weeks ago from an unknown number but no voicemails were left so thought it could cold callers etc. There has certainly not been any letters or claim forms c
  11. Hi dx Rang back the court yesterday afternoon. They do not have the original claim form! I got them to read out the address they have on the judgement and POC and it is our current address. We will fill out the questionnaire today/this evening and will read the link you have kindly supplied. thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  12. Hi dx thank you for taking the time to respond. we called the court today and they have sent the POC. I had asked them to send me the claim form and the judgement including the address but they haven’t. Will call the court this afternoon to chase and add to this thread. In the meantime, here is the text of the poc. 1.the claimant ('c') claims the whole of the outstanding balance due and payable under an agreement referenced 5187913.... and opened effective from 21/11/2012. 2.the agreement is regulated by the consumer credit a
  13. Hi all I’m hoping that someone can help me? Out of the blue today we received in the post a letter from Kearns Solicitors with a letter stating that an interim order has been obtained against my husband’s interests/our property and have served on us an interim order and an application for a charging order. We had no forewarning about this at all, no letters, emails or phone calls. In fact we have no idea what this relates to as they do not state where the debt has come from only that my husband owes £2202. Apparently there was a judgment or order on 18 Novembe
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