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  1. I understand mate. So should this be an separate claim case? A counter claim? Regarding proof. I have me contacting the son and the screenshots I've shared here alongside the contract he sent me. But it's unsigned. If these guys try to bring forged documents I'd need to get a handwriting expert to prove that they've faked me.
  2. @dx100uk and @BankFodder thanks for the information. I just want these people out of my life. I don't even care about getting money from them, their continued presence in my thoughts is just bumming me out all the time. It's just getting worrying now at this stage. I'm dealing with people willing to forge my signature and now I'm going to have to bring probably some kind of expert to do an analysis to show I never signed that and it was a forgery. They definitely can't show video of me hiring a car on the date they mention unless they change timestamps on the video. But then again
  3. The woman who was assigned by the police to the case of the accident. She is the one that sent the letter originally to me saying I have been identified by the hire company as being the driver.
  4. So, I've done as asked on here and sent a letter to the fellow on the other letter. He has not got back to me since. Contacted the case worker for the accident to inform her what had been going on. She explained that she does not care whether there is fraud or anything of the sort and her only concern is finding this other fellow now that the info had been given to her. She said if she can't find him she'll probably close the case as unable to locate driver. Called the ICO again regarding the issue and they explained that they would not be able to do anything regarding
  5. Will contacting the other person benefit this case? Or is it a case of being a good Samaritan and just letting them know just in case? I'd assume as long as the court case is going on with me then he'd not be involved at all, apart from possibly being contacted by the police if they accept the response form I filled out. With regards to the complaint to ICO, this should be a complaint regarding what exactly? The fact they shared another customer's information with me? Or that they are not registered with ICO (as the ICO said they can not be sure if they are or not at this point)?
  6. Hey there pal. So I've spoken to the ICO and been informed that I have two options. 1) Make a complaint now regarding the disclosure of private information of others, or 2) Wait until there is an outcome one way or another regarding the SAR and if they don't comply to send one complain that includes both the non compliance of the SAR and of the disclosure of private information. They said the fact that they are registered with the ICO or not is not clear cut because they may have a different legal entity to their trading entity or something along those lines. Said that i
  7. HiBankFodder. Thank you for the advice. I take it all on board. Regarding the MCOL website. I am familiar as I am currently in the process of helping out a friend with a claim of his own from a private parking company. I'll keep an eye on this for the time being. Will hold off on sending the defence for the time being. Regarding the police, you don't reckon I should contact them? I have filled in their form with the details I was supplied with but worried they may still issue a court summons. Plus, like shown in the document they sent me, it is not signed. The civil sid
  8. Hi BankFodder. Thank you for the draft. I think you've covered the points well. Also do you think we should add any of the information regarding their giving the police my information and making false accusations against me? Or shall we just leave that to the police in case they contact me again? Also I tried calling the ICO yesterday but they were closed. I will try again on Monday when their offices reopen. Also you think I should go to the police station and file a report? Or should the letter I posted filling out the document they sent (with the attached hire agreem
  9. Is email fine or does it need to be a posted letter? Also can I ask for 14 days? I thought a response to an SAR needs to be within 1 month?
  10. Thanks . I have submitted the Acknowledgement on the MCOL website. I submitted an SAR to Kuick. I will contact the information Commissioner tomorrow. @Manxman in exile It's a bit late for that. I have already sent multiple messages to Jamal over text after he's frustrated me for not sorting out the situation. I know, maybe the wrong thing to do but he frustrated me so much with his ignoring of messages etc. Here are the screenshots from the messages. Apologies for the use of slang, it's just how we message on text. That w
  11. Hey there. I checked on the Information Commissioner website and used the company name and registration details above but nothing comes up.
  12. Sorry. I thought I attached the claim form. Here it is again Oh and also yes, the guy who sent me the text is the Jamal. I think Alex is his father. I believe this Jamal guy is doing stuff behind his father's back and his father is just processing it not knowing. I can't explain otherwise why they would send my details to the police, then Jamal tells me to use this other guy's hire agreement to show the police it wasn't me, then Alex to send a MCOL to me. I sent this Jamal numerous texts telling him to answer because he started ignoring me after I first questioned why
  13. No I meant see as in see if they are properly registered and can be SARed. I will send them an email with the SAR to the email they have on the hire agreement form they sent of the other guy. I will also acknowledge the claim and my the intent to defend. The message from the son did not respond with words but he sent the policy to me on there. in writing all you could see is me telling him to answer multiple times and then him finally sending me the agreement for someone else. I have not deleted it.
  14. Thanks mate. It seems the images did not upload. Let me try again. I have converted it from image to pdf. Also I covered some of the information of the other guy as he could also be a victim in this so wouldn't be fair to have his full address and name all over the internet. Hope this is ok now. Thanks again. KUICK judge CAR SELF DRIVE HIRE AGREEMENT copy.pdf
  15. @honeybee13 Hi there. Unfortunately not. Apparently the incident was supposed to have happened on 4th Feb 2021 at 6 something in the morning. I was probably asleep at that time. Card transactions are on the statement on the 4th Feb but are from 3rd of Feb when the transactions took place. Nothing on the 4th of Feb. Although I had another car hire during that time so it would be absurd to even claim that anyone would rent multiple cars concurrently for months at a time. On top of that, whilst going through my statements, there was no payment to these guys so there i
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