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  1. What "other options" might there be when I have £9.34 in my bank account, and £5k available on my Barclaycard?
  2. I have to keep Bcard as I have no other source of income till my UC kicks in in 5 weeks, but even then it won't be enough to cover bills till I find a new job.
  3. Thanks for an adult and comprehensive response at last, fkofilee, you've restored my faith in the site! Ha! Don't know what that last bloke was about! Odd! This is exactly my concern, I was worried Barclaycard may become aware of my suddenly reduced credit rating due to loan default and cancel my credit. So in your opinion, would it be better for me just to borrow the money to keep paying the monthly loan to stop if from defaulting then, in case it forces Bcard to cancel my credit?
  4. Eh? I've just signed up today. To be honest you sound a bit up yourself and odd mate. You are now blocked. Go away. Does anyone else have any advice please. Ta.
  5. Ha! A man of few words I see DX100UK! I meant is anyone sure that Barclaycard won't get some sort of warning that my credit rating has nosedived and I've defaulted on other lines of credit. Are you sure they don't routinely check that I'm still a good risk, etc. If you are sure, could you let me know why you seem so sure. ie/ evidence. A man on the internet who only responds with 3 word answers doesn't inspire me with confidence, sorry! Anyone else? Thanks.
  6. Could you expand on that answer please? Nope they don't do what? Thanks
  7. Just to clarify, I'm not looking to get new credit or new cards/loans, I'm concerned that if my loan defaults with TSB, then Barclaycard will eventually get wind of it and cancel my EXISTING credit. Make sense?
  8. Clumsily phrased question but I'll try and explain: I have a loan with TSB with about £3900 outstanding from an original £5000 principle. I also have a Barclaycard with a £7k limit, and £2k balance - on 0% for another 15months. Due to Covid I have recently lost my job. I have no savings. In the, hopefully, short term only, I will need to use my Barclaycard for living expenses, cash, rent, utilities, food, etc. Not ideal, I know, however needs must when the devil drives and I'd rather get through this current situation and stay afloat
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