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  1. I am prosecuted for this RoRA S5(3) its not a single justice procedure
  2. Thank you for the response. I have shown remorse and feel a bit stupid for doing this! I also asked if they could bring the court date forward but TFL have said, that will be hard as it will depend on the court.
  3. Think i got off lightly then. Yeah, no other usage listed. I am going to speak to someone from the team tomorrow, hopefully a settlement can be reached.
  4. I have been only charged with one usage? and not for the whole 2 years.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did find the Pass and used it for 2 years. I got caught by a ticker inspector just before lockdown in march 2020 and the first letter came through to me in the first week of June. So i have been corresponding with them for a while now and I did mention I am a student and will be returning back to my home country in that letter itself. I am trying to put it to bed thats why I am here. Dave
  6. Hi All, Been reading your forums for a while now, great advice given by all! I have been summoned to court for using a Lost freedom Pass for 2 years! I have been summoned for Regulation of Railways Act 1889, s.5(3) (travelling on railway without paying fare, with intent to avoid payment); s.5(1) (failing to produce ticket). My Court date is in May but i am leaving the country in march for good. I am a student and planning to go back to my home country for good and not planning on coming to the UK. I have notified TFL and asked for Out of Court settlement but it may have been missed? Any advice on what to do? Dave
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