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  1. So does this mean it was a last ditch attempt? Should I just wait it out to see if they continue to chase me?
  2. I've just re-read the letter dated 30/12/20 "We previously wrote to you as we have been instructed to enforce the CCJ dated 30/12/14 by applying for a Warrant of Control to recover your debt of £475.75 Once our application has been drafted and accepted by the Court, a Bailiff will be instructed to visit your home to recover the debt, either by arrangement with you, or by taking control of your goods." It goes on to say how it will increase the amount of the debt due to costs and fees, and that my CCJ will remain 'Unsatsfied'. Is this all just a l
  3. Thanks for your response. It's put my GF at ease and stopped her nagging me to call them! The CCJ no longer appears on my credit file. Also, at no point was there any evidence of the default, or anything to suggest I had debt with Lowells. It must have been a backdoor CCJ, as I was younger and stupider so ignored the debt. I don't ever recall receiving a letter warning me of a CCJ though, as I'm certain I wouldn't have ignored that. I opened a new bank account in August 2006, as I was in dispute with Lloyds over the charges they'd applied to my overdraft, so t
  4. I had a CCJ against me on the 30/12/2014 by Lowell’s for £475.00 On the 14/12/2020 they sent a letter threatening me with bailiffs if I didn’t pay them the £475.75 I owe them. I called them up and enquired about the debt and the amount it was for. I knew it was from an old Lloyds bank account (I’d gone about £30 overdrawn with 10+ years ago and didn’t clear it), so disputed the debt which they then said would ‘hold proceedings for a further 14 days’. They sent me another letter, dated 30/12/20, but delivered 3/1/21, which threatened me again with legal action/bailiffs etc, and ga
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