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  1. Completely understandable I can understand why the judge may sway in startlines favour... I do have a ace up my sleeve (hopefully) I can ping my macbook,and ipad to the location they're in so once they hit the auction house I could take a print screen to prove that these are infact there in the car at the time the car arrived at the auction house. I'm more bothered about getting those devices back than anything else which is roughly £2k with an initial court fee of £105 which isn't an issue if you think it's worth it. end of the day if its not worth it i'll take it on the chin and learn a big lesson from all of this.
  2. Yeah I can see that me hiding the car isn't going to help my case at all Do you think a judge would be a bit more lenient towards this considering its law for me to now stay at home under the new national lockdown it would be illegal and immoral for me to travel over 2.5hrs to collect my goods? (I think) in regards to the list of items, these are a few I know to be in the car I can provide receipts for them too Macbook pro - approx £1300 HP 840G4 - Approx £1000 Samsung A40 - Approx £300 Versace Chain - Approx - 200 Ipad Pro - Approx £700 A4 Printer - approx - £40 Various Paperwork and personal information
  3. I’ve sent SAR request to every email I have for them and also sent the email @BankFodder asked me to last night. assuming they sell the car and my some or all of my possessions disappear/get sold etc would I need to claim via small claims court? I’m assuming I will need to get some legal advice! thanks
  4. I will send a SAR via email today and will send one via post tomorrow first class recorded. thank you
  5. I’ve sent that off to them @BankFodder Will see if or what they reply with.. I’m not sure @dx100uk if I’m honest! Unfortunately all my paper work is in that car too so I’m a bit lost without it!
  6. I replied with what you said and he’s literally just put this: Good Evening, As mentioned, you shouldn’t have had the car after March or stored anything in it as a termination notice was issued. This is entirely your responsibility. If you wish to arrange collection of any belongings in the vehicle then please contact Manheim Colchester as a matter of urgency. Kind Regards just a couple of points don’t know if their relevant.. 1. I don’t own a car now as they’ve taken my old one. 2. It’s lockdown? I would be breaking the law wouldn’t I by collecting the vehicle. My mothers a vulnerable adult whom I live with so I don’t think it would be reasonable to expect me to travel to Colchester and collect my items (I’d probably require a small van to collect) I have told them originally I estimated the value to be around £5000 of possessions (this is probably a slight exaggeration) it also has a lot of my personal information in the car in a document store such as bills/old passports a lot of information that could be used fraudulently surely they need to protect that under GDPR? Massive thanks for your help so far feel like I might have to make a court case at this rate!
  7. Startline just replied with this I’m afraid we cannot be held responsible for your personal belongings. Your agreement was terminated in March as a result of the account conduct and at this point you no longer had our consent to retain our property. As you no longer had our consent to retain our property you should not have been storing any of your belonging in it. We did make it clear our intention was to recover the vehicle and proceeded to do so. When the vehicle has arrived at Manheim we are happy for you to attend and collect anything that is removed from the vehicle but you will need to hand over the vehicle keys in order to do this. I believe the vehicle is scheduled to be delivered to Manheim Colchester. You can contact them on 0333 136 1011 to arrange a date and time to drop off the keys and collect any belongings from the vehicle. I also note that you have a private registration on the vehicle at the moment. If you wish to retain this then you should place it on retention as soon as possible as you may lose rights to the registration mark if the vehicle is sold and this is still allocated.
  8. I know! Well I had hidden the car for quite a while but still needed to use it I was waiting to get a court summons so I could apply for a time order and they've located it (was parked quite far from where i live) put it on a truck and got off with it! I probably could afford it if it was undone by a time order
  9. Thanks so much, i'm going to send this across today, only real issue i have is i dont know item for item what was in the car... i have a lot of personal documents 2 mobile phones, some jewellery a printer 2 laptops but I cant be specific at this moment in time i'd have to work it out as i was moving house the car was full of my possessions i did tell the repo guys again i have all this information on a text thread
  10. Hi, Thanks for spending your time reading this i'll try make it short and sweet as possible Startline motor Finance ... Car was repo from outside of my house by the repo agents on the 23rd of Dec. The repo was fair because i had missed quite a few payments because of covid and I had not paid 1/3 of the price of the car. I arranged them to pick it up on the week of the 21st so I could remove my possessions in time but they turned up without notice and told me to come now and get my possessions out of the car if i wanted them. I wasnt in the area so I couldnt do anything about it. They've taken the car to london apparently and if I sent them the keys they would then ship my items back ok great, so on the 27th I sent the keys off stupidly not recorded post but i've heard nothing since. I text the repo guys today who have told me the car is due to go to auction today or tomorrow the car will be sold with my personal and work possessions in them and i'd have to arrange with the auction house to collect? My question is should I be the one arranging to collect these items when its them who have taken the car? The auction house could be other side of the country and the car is absolutely loaded with my personal and work possessions as I was in the middle of moving home. I have it all on text with the repo agent they confirm that there is possessions in the car etc so I can prove that if need be but I cant prove what was in the car and if any of these items go "missing" as I have a lot of mobile phones, laptops (I work in IT) and Jewellery of my own in there who can i peruse for what? Thank you
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