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  1. Thank you for your advice. Is there a specified format or template or shall I just draught something around your advice (which I am happy to do)? I am very grateful for all the advice so far.
  2. Hi, I have put all the emails and attachments together. there have of course been the regular threatening paper mail standard letters and texts. Probably phone calls but I have blocked their number. I t is the email on the 28/8/19 I probably should have paid more attention to. I thought they were just phishing for accounts randomly as apart from 2 HBOS accounts and MBNA, haven't had dealing with any of the others like Santander and HBSC. any advice you can give would be appreciated. Think I've done it now Allay 2(1).pdf
  3. Thanks for being so quick with a response. Yes, I assumed they would keep any award made to me which is why I wouldn't have bothered to pursue it. Does their email constitute a proper response to an SAR request or can I ask for more info.
  4. Hi, (sorry for the long intro but I feel I should 'set the scene') I wonder whether anyone could advise re email I received from Allay Claims. I have usually completed any PPI claims myself but there were two accounts that I could not track down and initially asked Allay to look into them, however (and to be honest, I am not sure how but I assume as near to deadline) I agreed to them looking in to an old HBOS account. They emailed me a couple of times re an update with HBOS but I didn't receive an outcome. I did receive a letter from them stating t
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