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  1. Hello, Thanks for the prompt response, I sell things on eBay, so does that make me a business? Both items were used and I sold them on eBay, would this make me a business entity? I refer to the people who purchased my items as customers, not sure how else to refer them. I will spend the next 14 days reading up other cases on this forum, but I will proceed with a small claim against Hermes after 14 days. Thank you for your guidance on this.
  2. Here the the PDF file, should be working now. Thanks Letter of Claim - Hermes.pdf
  3. Hello, thanks for the prompt response. Here is my letter of claim. I have read through some of the forum posts, but there are many similar incidents and I just want some guidance from the experts on what I should do next. My understanding is that I should give Hermes to agree to my demand of full compensation, which they would not agree anyway, I then need to file a small claim against Hermes and go from there. Just not sure if there is any specific wording and references to any specific consumer laws ...etc that I should be referring.
  4. Hello, I have now gone through the process of contacting Hermes customer support, and just like the other complaints made by others, Hermes just tried to push responsibility to Packlink and asked me to claim compensation through Packlink. Well, I have already declined the £25 compensation from Packlink as my total loss is £205. I have sent them a letter of claim - to the executive office of Hermes in Leeds. What is my next step please? Could someone provide some guidance please? Thanks.
  5. I saw someone giving 14 days and was suggested to 29 days ? so 14 days is the norm? I will first escalate this to Hermes first (but the online chat person did ask me to speak to Packlink). Thanks for the advice
  6. Thanks word format attached. Also, I need to have a communication with Hermes to confirm that they are not accepting liability for the full amount. I have not been able to send the complain formally to anyone in Hermes yet. Could you point me in the right direction? Letter of Claim v2 - Hermes.docx
  7. What about the below: Also, the claim was made with Packlink because Hermes did not want to speak to me and all the online chat lead to nowhere. I guess they had admitted liability on this one (by paying out £25). Who should I send the letter of claims to ?
  8. I have done a draft below. Any suggestion on what else to include would be most appreciated.
  9. Wow, thanks for the education BankFodder, much appreciated. I never paid for the additional insurance premium, because that premium is quite substantial - I guess that is how Hermes top up their profits, by taking advantages of the consumers (such as my self) ignorance. I like the idea of giving them 2 slaps by filing 2 claims, gives me some entertainment during this lockdown (again). I have tried looked up Hermes website for contact details to send the Letter of Claim to, but have not been able to find one. Could you share with me a link with the detai
  10. Hi BankFodder, Thank you very much for such a prompt response and advice. Chronology of what has happened: Package 1 Dec 13, 2020: 2 items sold on eBay - a BMW key case cover (sold for £35) and a 70mai Car battery jump starter (sold for £47.10 plus £4.95 postage) Dec 14, 2020: Shipping label purchased on eBay via Packlink (no additional insurance purchased) and package containing both items dropped off at Hermes parcel shop Dec 16, 2020: Package delivered to household at 12:44pm Dec 16, 2020: Customer advised jump starter was missing insid
  11. Hello all, It seems to me that there are many people out there who have suffered as a result of thieves working as couriers for Hermes. I have sent 2 packages just before Christmas which were tempered with by the couriers and contents of the package stolen - one customer received one of the 2 items inside the package (only because that item was of no value to the courier - a specific keycase cover) and the other customer received an empty box. In both cases, it was easy for someone working for Hermes to simply cut open the bottom of the packages and took what he/she wa
  12. Hello, Thank you to all who have contributed, I will be following the same route to recover my losses.
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