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  1. I would have noticed yes, how they did it I do not know!! it was for 32,000+ over a two months period, how he got that credit as he's not credit worthy at all, black listed I believe.
  2. Yes I was a director resigned in 2012, the c o, have ordered materials but not paid in Oct&Nov 2020 eight years after I resigned. E j Baring, no I did not sign this document but they have created it to look like I have!! It is dated a couple of months before I resigned because of bad management and bad financials. Absolutely no way Was this put in front of me, they owed me money!!
  3. Sorry forgot to state, the materials were bought in Oct and November 2020 so it’s been 8 years.
  4. I resigned from a building co, on the 09/11/2012 the reason was bad organisation & bad financial planning. On the 31/12/2020 I received a letter from a collection company asking for over £32,000 that my old company owes to Jewsons ltd. attached to this letter is a letter saying personal guarantee dated the 02/08/12 a couple of months before I resigned. I have never seen this before and certainly wouldn't sign a personal guarantee for the company it’s madness. How they got it I do not know, maybe when I was asked to sign paperwork to resign they slipped it in. I’ve had a good name in the building and was respected.
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