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  1. @dx100uk They've now emailed me back and told me they've reset the security code. I've now been able to log in and do the acknowledgement of service. What a relief.
  2. @dx100uk That's a good point -- so maybe the issue is that when I called it had been less than 24 hours since this stalker character filed the claim, so maybe MCOL's systems simply hadn't updated yet. I'm going to try to calm down (anxiety is through the roof) and will then try again to get some answers from MCOL towards the latter half of this week.
  3. Thank you. I clicked the link you provided, entered the claim number and it took me to a screen asking me to enter the "security code." I entered the exact security code they provided in their email to me and I just get an error message saying that this security is wrong or has "expired." This is exactly what happened to me yesterday. The screen also then suggests you "contact us" if you need a new security code. So, that is why I spent around 4 hours in total on the phone with them/on hold yesterday. First to be told that the claim number I have does not even appear on thei
  4. Did all of that. I posted here after having already exhausted all the usual avenues of getting this sorted. Their system just doesn't recognise this claim number/security password. Let's hope I can get hold of someone on the phone tomorrow who can give me an insight into why their system is not recognising the claim number. I spoke to a person at MCOL this afternoon who punched the claim number into his system and nothing came up. He even did a search using the claimant's name, then tried my name, then tried the address the claimant has sent
  5. Thanks. As I said I've no idea whether MCOL will reply to my emails or not. I do at least have the claim number so am I right in thinking as a last resort I can just download an empty Acknowledgement of Service online, fill in the claim number and my details and file it with MCOL? And then I can file the defence in the same way? Because while obviously I will keep calling and emailing MCOL but there is no guarantee they will ever answer the phone or reply to my emails, and if they don't contact me then I'd have no way of actually getting hold of the clai
  6. Ok, thanks! As I've said it doesn't seem that MCOL answer the phone given that I was on hold for over three hours with no response. I have emailed them and it remains to be seen whether or not they answer to emails. Before the online system locked me out I was able to see that the claim filed by this woman consisted of a very long series of grievances against me, example: "She is a narcissist and I want the courts to punish her" "I feel she is abusive to me just like my husband has abused me and I want the courts to force her to pay me damages."
  7. As I stated in my post I called the Money Claim Online helpline and was placed on hold for over 3 hours before eventually having to give up.
  8. How could I possibly have the claim? She has sent it, from what I can tell from her rants and threats, to a completely random I have never heard of and have no access to. All I have is an email received from Money Claim online, containing a Claim Number and password that do not even work.
  9. This highly emotionally unstable and malicious former client has spent 6 months harassing and stalking me and has now filed a totally spurious money claim via MCOL against me, asking them to force me to pay her £500 compensation. She has sent this paperwork to an address I have never lived at or heard of judging from the latest rants she has sent me via email. In the early hours of the morning I also received an email from the money claims centre providing the claim number and password. I logged in via the HTMC site, but when I attempted to respond to the claim
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