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  1. Hi, everyone My story is just like everyone else's with Photo Studio Group. I went there had a photoshoot with them and then they pressured me to sign the contract, they told me how beautiful and special I was bla bla bla and they said you need to make a decision now. My mum agreed and paid £200 deposit. on our way home, we had such a negative feeling about all of it and when we went home we researched the company and the actual one that I went was in Oxford Circus with the name LONDON FASHION MODELS I read so many bad things about them that they were actually a scam. I sent them an email saying I want to cancel the contract they replied saying the moment you leave the studio you cannot cancel the agreement. We phoned the bank to cancel that card so they would not take money from us for the next months. just to clarify this happened in 2018, since then I have received once in a while messages from them that I have an amount due but ofcourse i ignored them. Now starting from October I am receiving messages from AJJB Law that they will take legal action against me if I do not pay the amount due. These are the messages: 16 October http://www.payajjb.co.uk ACTION REQUIRED. Call AJJB today regarding Photo Studio Group on 01422746202 to stop this matter moving towards legal action. Ref ... 17 October http://www.payajjb.co.uk To avoid legal action you can set a repayment plan to address the balance due to Photo Studio Group. Ref .... 19 October http://www.payajjb.co.uk You have not paid £2564.47 due to Photo Studio Group. The account is being reviewed for legal action. Ref .... 20 October http://www.payajjb.co.uk AJJB Law can assist you to resolve the £2564.47 due to Photo Studio Group prior to legal action. Ref ..... 1 January http://www.payajjb.co.uk/l/PwENqh We have been instructed to proceed formally on this claim in 7 days in respect of the balance due to Photo Studio Group unless discharged or an arrangement made. This will result in a formal Letter Before Claim and Court Proceedings. Ref ..... there are some more messages like this I also received a letter home saying that this will proceed to a County Court and that's when we phoned them. They said I have to pay the amount because I signed the contract, I told them I haven't received anything from them even for the photoshoot I have already given them £200 and for more I haven't even taken those pictures or anything. They keep saying I have to pay and the messages do not stop. I am not going to pay anything to them, if they want to take me to court then okay I will have to go this does not make any sense to me, can someone please provide any advise or if someone is in the same position as me what has happened with you and how did you resolve this issue?? I also send AJJB Law the emails where I told them that I want to cancel the contract the same day I left the studio but they don't care.
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