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  1. Thanks for the above response. But what happened to the continuous 24 hours contravention i have read from others. Anyone here know anything about this.
  2. Hi all, Im in london. A road i regualrly use In southwark council was recently changed to taxi and buses access only. The sign is clear but for some reason i missed it and have been using it as per normal for weeks. Just after Christmas i received the first penalty charge notice dated on the 18th Dec notifying me of my offence for the first time. A week later i have now received 4 other penatly notice charges where 3 where charged on the same day using the same location and 2 for the following day for the same road location. I was wondering if this is allowed by any council to give more than multiple penalty charge notice within 48hours. I am quite worried to how many others will be coming through the post as i use the route quite regularly. Any advise will really help.
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