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  1. Yep found this today. Google stars seem to be a bit skewed... on phone to consumer helpline at the moment.... finance company won’t budge. I need to get another car very soon for work... I don’t trust anything this dealer says. They all have friends in the industry. He can probably get a report to say all is ok..
  2. I think it comes down to thid he is allowed the chance to prove the faults were not there when the car was sold which he won’t be able to do.
  3. No not at all sorry I didn't read that. It's windmill autos limited in Bedford. Horrible company. This is the finance companies response....
  4. Hi thanks for the responses. I rejected the car formally in writing 2 days after getting the car. The dealership said no so the finance company took over. First response finance then sent their independent inspection team toll who didn’t have battery testing equipment but he said it’s probably the battery and he can see that the range is wrong. I also showed them my recovery documents from where the car broke down. The car is now gone. It was just collected on a flat bed truck and it’s in it’s way to the dealer. the finance company is
  5. Thank you for that. It’s first response finance. They have been very helpful but this is not what they told me would happen they said if the report (which they paid for) came back in my favour I could return the car and that would be that. Now I need to give him 14 days to prove me wrong. what should I do? Call first response finance tomorrow and just say car gone and I am done?
  6. Hi I purchased a car on hire purchase 2 weeks ago. It’s an electric Nissan: the range should be about 159miles fully charged. The day after I purchased I noticed that the Battery was only showing 11 bars of health, the warranty would be void if I did not get a full Nissan service within 2 weeks and there was only 89 miles range on the battery fully charged. I then got it checked by Nissan and they told me I had a faulty cell on the battery which had reduced the range. They will not give me this report on paper unless I pay £180. The car also broke down on me and
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