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  1. Is anyone able to provide advice? As they have the car and my money where do I go from here? I am at a loss
  2. They will NOW debit Sorry I need to relax before I type out responses. and reread them. Tried to edit the post but cannot
  3. Hi all i have now received a letter back from my bank regarding my charge back being reject3ed It states the following. "The bank for the retailer has rejected your claim and we are unable to assist you further under Visa regulations. I am sorry we could not be of more assistance at this time. If you wish to persue this matter you will need to seek independent advice. We will not debit £15894.00 from you account." What is my next recourse of action and how do I proceed
  4. I called the garage and he has confirmed that someone has collected the vehicle. He cannot give me details now as they are closed till the 4th of January, but said to call back then and he will see what info he has for me. He said they did not even pay him for the work and he has just written the debt off.
  5. I have sent a form (V62 i think it was) and a cover letter stating what happend to the DVLA and the dates I actually had possession of the car with the date I officially handed responsibility of the car back to thr dealer. To date the DVLA have still not actioned this letter. So the car has never been in my name so far.
  6. The company i bought the car from is Clipstone Motor Group https://g.co/kgs/uDdd9G https://www.cmgcarsales.co.uk/
  7. I need some advice. I bought a car in March this year and it was not delivered to me till 28 May this year. When I received the car it would not idle and stalled while driving. I asked them to repair it and they said I should take it to a garage to have it repaired. I did so and the garage found more issues I connected the dealer with the garage and they said it was uneconomical to repair and would either replace the car with another or refund me. We agreed a refund that to date I never received. The car could no longer be d
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