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  1. dx100 thank you for the reply. Very much appreciated. is it just the buyer that needs to employ a solicitor ? Do I not need one too, as the seller ? If it is the buyers solicitor who deals with the restrictions, I am worried that he might employ a solicitor who doesn't know the difference, who just pays the vultures outright !!! Please forgive my ignorance. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am seeking some help or advice from anyone who has in depth experience of Charging Orders as opposed to Restrictions on house title deeds, and how I can sell my half of a property without giving my equity to the vultures. My Situation: Joint owner of ex property with my ex wife (joint names on property deeds) Divorced amicably in 2017 Divorce settlement included keeping 50% of the marital home, until one of us was ready to sell to the other ). The time has now come for my ex and her new husband to buy my half of the property.
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