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  1. I went down that route from the start and got nowhere , I work for Fedex so that is my usual route I’m assuming I might have to go legal but I’m unsure on what grounds I have
  2. They will credit 150 off the existing balance this is about 2 years old although I’ve fought them from time to time over this , but I’ve not managed to speak to a human
  3. Hello everyone, Full disclosure, I went on a night out and got absolutely sozzled a couple of years ago and crashing through life as I do I lost my phone. (un)fortunately I had mobile phone insurance so when I realised I had lost my phone I went into town to get a new sim card and then went to work to register the sim card. I reported my phone as lost. When the sim card had been activated I called a friend to let them know I had lost my phone, she was on her way to collect it, someone had found the phone and contacted her because they had found the phone (some people ar
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