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  1. Thank you for your help. As somebody in a previous thread has only recently sent the same solicitors a very similar letter quoting the unicorn tax, Lewes and covid, do you think that I am ok to send something so similar? Not sure if them being almost the same letter will strengthen or weaken my position.
  2. I have also submitted a SAR as I did not receive any PCN or correspondence prior to the Letter Before Claim. So im finding it difficult to construct a letter to Gladstone's as I don't have any information to go from.
  3. Interesting, that's the second case of that happening I've read today. Looks like they've scored an own goal there. Best of luck with it all
  4. Is there any update on your case Kaleidosky? I'm drafting my reply to Letter Before Claim as we speak and would be interested to see how you got on with yours.
  5. Ok thank you for the replies. Although I am reluctant to mention the 10 minute period as I have no evidence of how long I stayed. As it was in September I cannot guarantee that as fact, so I don't want them to come back with evidence I stayed 12 minutes say. .. It would be helpful to have the PCN so I can see what they are accusing me of although I won't have time to wait for that. I shall draft a letter and post it on here prior to sending for feedback.
  6. Hello, Today I have received a 'Letter Before Claim' from Gladstones (attached). This is in relation to Cotswold Lakeside Carpark. The same place as Kaleidosky. I remember pulling into this car park for no more than 10 minutes, to get my phone out and make a quick call. Prior to this letter, I have not heard anything about a parking charge which apparently happened end of September. I have recently moved, and my car is still registered at my family address. Who also have not received any prior correspondence. I have not received a Parking Char
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