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  1. Yes. The crazy thing is that they claim on their system, it was deemed a write off Sunday just gone. I'm literally having to break guidelines and ask relatives to wash our clothes. It's really difficult to be honest. I have to keep my families clothing clean, so to me it is regarded as essential travel. I'm appalled to by team knowhow. In such torrid times, why won't they honour the contract and issue a replacement voucher. I am furious to be honest Sorry, the 72 hours will be Christmas day
  2. Hi, yes that's right. So, they promise to replace your machine if not repaired within 7 days. The issue I'm having now is they are claiming I have to wait upto another 72 hours to receive a replacement voucher. I have checked thoroughly checked the terms and conditions and this is not stated.
  3. OK, so I bought the washing machine May 2018. The machine has been problematic since I have had it. Probably had 6 engineer visits in the time. The weight has completely detached from the machine. Door and drum damage now also. When I first had the machine, I was told by the beko engineer on the first call out that internal bolts had not been removed at manufacture stage which caused initial problems and a new drum was fitted. The replacement voucher is provided if they cannot repair the machine and within a 7 day period from the engineer visit. It's now the 10th day,
  4. Hi, I am posting here in hope you may be able to help. I have an extended warranty agreement with team knowhow. An engineer visited me Monday 14th December to fix my washing machine. He informed me that it he put a write off request in as they did not have the parts. I then discover that teamknowhow acknowledge the request Sunday 20th of December. Now, teamknowhow are telling me It could be upto 72 hours to receive a replacement voucher. I have not had a washing machine now for over 2 weeks, I have 2 young children and my wife us high risk. So, I am unable to follow government guidelines and w
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