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  1. Will do for sure. What a fantastic group this is. Thanks again.
  2. Just a quick update. I received a response from the ombudsman today and origin have agreed to close my account without charge or penalty. Thank you for all the advice. Happy new year.
  3. Thanks again. Sar was sent yesterday. Lets see what happens now. Merry Christmas!
  4. I just read it. I will do that and post today. Many thanks. I will keep everyone posted.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have saved every email sent etc It really does annoy me that these companies just don't provide a good reliable service and then can harass you if you decide to take your business elsewhere. I will look into getting those sars sent off
  6. Will do! I have experian monthly so if I anything changes I get notified. Will deffinitely keep you posted! Thanks again
  7. Thaks for the reply No I havent had anyting put on my credit file. Just threats to. I never had any sort of credit check or the likes before joining Origin. I will just ignore them from now on then until I receive such letter. Hopefully in the meantime the ombudsman will get this sorted once and for all.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Since returing to Sky the speed has remained constant. Up until I agreed to stay with Origin, the speed was constant. As soon as I agreed to stay despite being mis sold to the speed dropped. Considering the fact that CRS and AJJB law are the same company surely they are in breach of my consumer rights? This is what I sent to CRS: Dear Sir/Madam I refer to your emails and text messages regarding this debt. I believe that I do not owe the money that you are claiming. You will be aware that the Financial Conduct Authority (FC
  9. Hi guys, I am hoping I can get some guidance here. I have submitted a complaint to the ombudsman but i am still getting harrassed. I signed up online with Origin after seeing that they could offer me much faster broadband than I was currently getting. I was a little dubious about this but I ordered anyway. I ordered their high-speed package which promised average speeds of 64mbps. I also paid extra for their premium router. My equipment arrived and I set up the router. The speed I was getting was as no different to what I was getting previously. Averaging ar
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